Zoom Animation Ltd present a revolutionary product in the World of production technology.

The Zoom Tool allows you to have a fully interactive 3D model of your venue and scenic elements to be used in the artistic and technical creation of your production.
Each 3D model has exact axis detail in order to realistically see how your production will work within the venue. If an element can only move at 1000mm per second in reality then it can only be moved at that speed within Zoom. Many other elements such as Special Effects, Projection and Lighting can also be fully realised within your environment to give you full creative control of your production before the venue has even been built! The benefits in terms of artistic freedom and man hours saved are truly enormous.
But it gets better.
The true magic of the Zoom tool is the unrivalled ability to directly export from your animation to your automation system. Using our unique coding technique we can program your automation system remotely from one side of the World to the other in a matter of minutes. Unlike previous companies attempts to succeed with this procedure, our data is fully manageable once inside your control system. If you include our ability to create Stereoscopic renders of your Production and integration of full immersion viewing technology then you have the most powerful and advanced creation tool in the World at your fingertips. Please feel free to email us for an informal discussion about how Zoom can truly benefit your Production and enhance your creative freedom.
Welcome to the future

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